I’m an artist and musician living near Detroit, Michigan, USA.

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  1. will robinson says:

    that self portrait looks like a guy that stole my bike in ’68

  2. Olesya says:

    I’ll tell more – an artist, musician, genius in web-building, and just a great person!

  3. Andrew says:

    Would I be able to use your images elsewhere, and is there an email I could contact you at?

  4. plusch says:

    Responded with email.

  5. glenn cavadel says:

    I am also interested in using 1 of your images elsewhere, and is there an email I could contact you?

  6. plusch says:

    Responded via email.

  7. Rob says:

    Are you the same Paul Lusch that contributed a few sequences on OEIS (i.e. A074841, and A074762)?

    I happened along these sequences as I researched Grafting Numbers (the website I listed explains them). I happen to also live in Detroit and was wondering if you remembered why you happened along a subset of these numbers some 11 years ago and if you did any further investigation into them.

    – Rob

  8. plusch says:

    Responded via email.

  9. Robert Addy says:


    I’m writing an essay about observing work in an electric generating plant and use an example about a mechanic using a crescent wrench. I would like to include your sketch of an adjustable wrench in the text and acknowledging use with your permission. Do I have your permission?


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